Sunday, September 8, 2013

better stars

This picture is making me a bit sad. What a summer.

Last Thursday night, late, it rained harder than I have ever seen it rain. We got a month's worth of rain in half an hour. It sounded like hail; it was only water. Tim and I were having a terrible fight. I sat in our doorway watching it for twenty minutes, then I came inside and went to bed. An unhomely aggressive gurgling got us up in time to see the city sewer begin backing up out of the floor drain in our bathroom. For the first time, I heard Tim swear. "Fuck." Our kitchen floor was swimming almost immediately. We called 311, we called Tim's parents, and I tried to make a dam of bath towels. Tim said, "Do you want to move far away?"

Once the thing that Tim is now calling 'the poo geyser' subsided, and the water started flowing back down the drain, the only thing to do was leave. We left. We spent last week with Tim's parents, who swooped in and rescued us. We've only been back to collect clothes and food, move all of our possessions into the bedroom, slop bleach water around, and rip things up. It feels brutal.

It also feels relieving. We are going to start new. Our plans are only half-formed, but we are planning to go to Germany shortly after Christmas. We will find renters for our hobbit hole. We will pack our things into a huge steel box. We will study the language. We will get Simpkin a cat-passport. We will have an adventure. For now, I've withdrawn from university classes and am working full-time.

Wish us luck.


  1. Fucking poo geysers...

    I think this is a very good thing. I look back and see one of those same moments, a "let's get out of here" moment. I didn't do it. I should have. We should have...

    I have tons of dusty learn German books...

    Love and luck.

  2. That image is a mysterious and beautiful memory of the season behind you... but what a thrilling prospect of you, Tim & Simpkin in Germany! Oh! This news makes me so glad. Truly.

    Commiseration for your horrible flooding sewerage experience... may your next geyser experience be in New Zeland, bathing in clean and warm volanic spring!


  3. I just have to tell you, city sewage backed up into our basement, a foot deep, last year in January. (I wrote about it) We were enjoying a cool brew in Key West when we got "the phone call." Horrid! Our whole basement had to be gutted and remodeled, with no help from the shitty city.
    Good things and changes came out of that disaster as well as new discoveries and brilliant ideas for the future.
    It took something like that to bring us closer to an idea we'd both been thinking about but kept on the back burner.
    We've not moved far, far away yet...but, something is on the horizon!
    I'm glad for your new adventure.
    I'd sign off in German, but all I can say is cest la vie!


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