Friday, August 30, 2013

The Jam Jars of 2013

A few images of domestic bliss which convey nothing about this horrible week. The things we get up to when in the throes of a small crisis, hey? I suspect that these jam jars mark the sputtering end of an era. Change is afoot. Would you like to share something bittersweet? I'd love to giveaway a jar of rhubarb jam. Comment on this post, and I'll draw a winner randomly on Monday night. 
                                                                                                                                    xx Lizzie


  1. yes please!
    change is definitely coming my way.....a lot of it....yikes!

  2. Change seems to be the mantra of the year, doesn't it? Its good to hear we're not the only ones caught up in the twirl and twist! xoxox!!!

  3. Bitter only, perhaps? Too soon yet to tell...
    I finally found and signed up for a beginner adult ballet class, joined a great gym and Wednesday night my hip dislocated as I walked across a dance floor to get my dancing queen friend...I am angry. I am sad. I can walk today without the brass handled {gives a smelly hand} cane...

    Oh Lizzie, I do hope the end brings a wonderful begin for you.


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