Thursday, May 30, 2013


A wonderful parcel arrived from Emily. Dandelion tea (which seems terribly new and romantic, in spite of our healthy crop outside). Springy red Australian wool yarn. A piece of linen in a muted print that will go on the low Japanese dining table that Tim is building. A giant red and white star of a quilted pot holder. A letter. 
Friends and mail are both kind of incredible, with their willingness to arrive in your life when you have shut yourself in, unable or unwilling to step out--arrive anywhere for anyone. Thanks, my friend.


  1. Don't shut yourself in. Reconnect with those who love you and miss spending more time with you. Don't isolate/cut yourself off from those who know and love you! <3

  2. Oh sweet Lizzie, I am so glad this arrived safely into your hands and that you enjoyed its contents :) So true about friends and mail in unexpected times... sending love across the sea xx


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