Sunday, March 24, 2013

resolute: tattoo

- get a tattoo (at last at last)

Wednesday, I emailed this artist to start consulting on a tattoo to be done here. Heath's only the best in Edmonton, and this shop is where almost all of our coffee and bicycling friends have gone to get tattooed. 


  1. Oh oh Lizzie, I can barely wait to see the design on that lovely skin of yours... and reading your list makes me swoon a bit, because I too have thought about the inky potentials for those things on my own!

  2. It's terribly exciting! Would you ever get something done from one of your own sketches? That would be stunning.

  3. Yes yes yes!! These are all fabulous ideas!
    I am planning another one; an anchor on my hip.

  4. A smallish one, probably fairly simple.


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