Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February is the oddest month. Last year in March I said, "It's February's fault". Much like last year, I've spent the past week arranging for new tenants upstairs. Right on cue, we have renovations on the brain again. A dear friend is getting married on Monday. For me at least, this is the month of new beginnings before I feel ready.

But--joy!--the Reading Week break starts today. As a student, I am granted the privilege of catching my breath. Today I am going to start the final (read: most terrifying) part of Tim's saddle shoulder sweater--the saddle shoulders. Knitting Without Tears is on the bed beside me, and it is now time to plot my attack. Have a lovely day, readers.


  1. ...I used to LOVE reading week. I usually spent it climbing with friends in Bishop, CA.

    Cat arrived!

  2. I hate arranging for tenants. So much cleaning. So much back and forth with emails and phone calls. Damage deposits and lease agreements and blah, blah, blah. Being a landlord is annoying, sometimes. Especially because I'm jealous of our tenants for getting to live in that house in that neighbourhood, while I am in some far-flung part of the countryside, alone. But I think that feeling will pass, once it stops being winter and I can enjoy being outside again.

    Enjoy your week. Will you have to work much during it? I hope not.


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