Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Everyone seems resolutely set against resolutions. I am not. I love them; as my friend Deanna said yesterday, "And I am always waiting for natural spaces to start things or change things, so I relish the thought of a fresh new year." I am starting with a long list:

- learn to make my own happiness (because it is not Tim's job, and because circumstances will not always be peachy)
- complete one wearable sewn garment (hello brown paisley dress)
- master fair isle knitting (in order to make things such as this)
- remove makeup every night (this has never, ever been a habit--now that flossing is down, it's time)
- reach goal weight once and for all (140 pounds)
- pay back money owed Tim (so very close)
- pay off student loan (not so close)
- repair book cubes (damaged in the move last spring)
- further improve backyard (especially firepit, but also hope for fruit trees, removal of gravel, chopping of hoary huge evergreen)
- write something (anything) every day (this should be at the top of the list)
- learn more about math and computing (calculus, number theory, Python)
- publish in at least one magazine (which means submitting)
- give excellent presents (better than last year)
- apply for at least one "real" job (something outside the service industry, something challenging, something that utilizes my skills)
- properly repair bathroom ceiling and baseboards (and begin to learn about renovating a house)
- play the violin again (Vivaldi's "Winter")
- learn more about baking bread (to begin: read the lovely book Laura got me for Christmas)
- get a tattoo (at last at last)
- put more of myself into relationships (especially that relationship with one Tim Put)
- use my nice things (and remember that I have many)
- make and repair more, and buy better and less (I need a darning egg)

Because, like all resolutions, they are mostly long-term, requiring sustained effort and the taking of many small steps, I am planning to recap on progress made at the end of every month this year. If 2012 lacked anything, it was pause. This year, I must have appointments to halt, think about what has happened and what should happen next. Who I am. What I want. What is right. Hopefully, you won't mind if I do some of my ruminating in this space. Thanks, ever so much, all of you, for listening and responding to my rambling. Happy New Year!


  1. these sound really good. go Liz!

    p.s. happy new year!

  2. p.p.s. you said it exactly - my 2012 lacked a pause, too! it really had a negative effect on life. planning pauses in 2013!

    p.p.p.s. in 2012 i FINALLY made a habit of removing makeup each and every night before bed. IT'S A HABIT AT LAST AND SO WORTH IT!

  3. Yes, this past year, I did a lot, but only because it was thrown at me, not because I decided to do it, then did it.

    I feel sheepish about the make-up. I've only been wearing it for what, nine years?

  4. I almost never remove my makeup before bed. At this very moment (a 5:41 in the evening), I'm still wearing last night's makeup. It's the worst. Mascara smudges on pillowcases since 2001? Don't grownups take care of themselves better than teenagers do? Not this one, apparently.


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