Sunday, December 2, 2012

Adventures in Darning



I want to be someone who knows how to fix things as well as make things. Repair has been at the top of my mind for several months now. When a faulty knot (I know, I know) in the sole of one of my striped socks gave way, leaving me with a small hole, I decided it was a good time to follow tomofholland's advice and Darn It!

For my first darn, I think it's not bad. Of course, there's lots of room for improvement. This method of darning, mostly suitable for small holes, is called a Swiss darn (or duplicate stitch), and, theoretically, it can be almost invisible.

I'm also in the process of (more creatively and obviously) repairing a nasty gash in a black cardigan of mine. Perhaps pictures within the next few days. Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. A huge component of sustainability is the act of fixing things rather than replacing them.

    I have a line-up of much-loved sweaters in my closet waiting for me to learn how to make non-ugly patches for the holes worn in their elbows.

  2. You should get some scraps from a tannery, and make leather patches!

    I totally agree. I want to buy/make things nice enough to maintain and repair, and learn how to maintain and repair them. The "disposable" trend, especially with things like clothing, is disturbing.


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