Sunday, November 11, 2012

view from indoors

When it's this snowy outside, and the internet says -20 degrees, what do you do? 
Well, you buckle down and do homework--you write 1200 words of the progymnasmata for rhetoric class. 
You drink coffee with milk, listen to Ella and Louis Armstrong.
You shovel yourself and the cat out of your basement cave, and carve a path to the garage.
 You knit mittens, socks, and cocoons.

Cat! The cocoons are finally, nearly finished. Expect some mail soon.


  1. Just say the word and I'll get yours out too!

  2. I am in absolute AWE of those socks, Lizzie! Kudos!

  3. Cat, I plan to mail yours out by the end of the week, so whenever you feel like it is probably fine.

    Laura, Thanks. The self-striping yarn looks more impressive than it is, I fear.

  4. Sounds good, we'll see if I can hit the post office during lunch this week, Saturday's eaten up already. Can't wait to pack those wee cocoons up!

  5. those stripy socks are absolutely beautiful...


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