Thursday, November 22, 2012

quagmire mittens

I've entered the quagmire of the semester--I hope to emerge alive in two weeks' time. Today I wrote an imitation of JFK's inaugural address for rhetoric class. Around the 500 word mark it came to me that I would like to start running again, and paint my nails. I feel lethargic and dowdy already, and I fear it is only going to get worse. I have plenty to say on the subject of why it is ridiculous to base 50% of a student's GPA on work accomplished mid-panic attack and on three hours of sleep, and how no one in their right mind could call my generation lazy (though they often do).

I've been procrastinating by finishing these mittens.

The wool is from a Canadian company called Briggs and Little. It's wiry and sheepy, and apparently will last forever. 

I had to do surgery on the cuff of the first mitt I knit. I had to unpick two rows after the second cuff turned out to be shorter. Did you realize that knitting only unravels one way? I feel that I am learning a lot on this knitting-front lately. 


  1. lovely! wow those are amazing!

    p.s. i agree about university life. 100%.

  2. Thanks :)

    I'm not promising anything, since I still have a pair of socks and two sweaters to do for Christmas, but would you like a pair?

  3. Those mittens are incredible. I am amazed that you created them. That such things can be done, really.

    I also wrote an imitation of JFK's inaugural speech in a rhetoric class once. I think it's, like, THE thing to do in introductory rhetoric settings.

  4. You are lovely...No doubt.

    Those mittens are gorgeous! Every pair I see {here} in that pattern tend toward "green and burgundy" or "yellow and purple" and I think "why?"...So much put into knitting, the colour combos are essential...I feel the urge to pull out that plain old purl/knit scarf I promised two Christmases ago...You are an inspiration...Do you have Newfoundland Grannie blood in you?

    Good luck with your happiness goal{s}.

  5. I remembering well the uni quagmire times, hoping you get through yours as easily and whole as you can. And those mittens are absolutely gorgeous! I love those colours together :)

  6. Thanks ladies. I was a little daunted by the pattern--but it looks much more complicated and impressive than it is.

    Deanna - Really? And I thought it was an archaic exercise my eccentric prof alone had affection for.

    Dee - I thought long and hard about those colours, and then when I started knitting I wasn't sure they looked so good together after all, but now that the mittens are done, I'm really pleased. And yes, I do believe I have Newfie Grannie blood in me. Christmas shortbread is probably next.

  7. Your cocoons finally (finally!) made it to the post this past Tuesday, our Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year... Knitting is always an acceptable response to the quagmire of schooling, work, tidying up that pile of jackets and junk by the door.... It is better than most procrastinations, since you end up with something lovely and useful.

  8. Don't worry--I was far worse. I only made it to the post office last night, my egg nog in one hand, my H and M bag (work dress) in the other, a cloth bag with work shoes slung over my arm, these mittens somehow held on to...

  9. I find myself coming back to this often, just to look at these mittens and feel happy that they exist. I, too, enjoy the adventurous colour scheme. They're so gorgeous, Lizzie! Well done!

  10. These are so lovely! I must learn to knit, if such nice things can be made.

    You have a very elegant blog, by the way. I have long thought so.

  11. Thanks very much! I have been enjoying learning to knit A LOT. (Maybe too much.)

    And thank you for saying hello!


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