Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The new plan

1. Lose a little more weight.
2. Get a lot stronger.
3. Get a quiff.
4. Get a tattoo. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"October Dawn" by Ted Hughes

Last year's pods, in our old backyard, which I miss.

October Dawn

October is marigold, and yet
A glass half full of wine left out

To the dark heaven all night, by dawn
Has dreamed a premonition

Of ice across its eye as if
The ice-age had begun its heave.

The lawn overtrodden and strewn
From the night before, and the whistling green

Shrubbery are doomed. Ice
Has got its spearhead into place.

First a skin, delicately here
Restraining a ripple from the air;

Soon plate and river on pond and brook;
Then tons of chain and massive lock

To hold rivers. Then, sound by sight
Will Mammoth and Sabre-tooth celebrate

Reunion while a fist of cold
Squeezes the fire at the core of the world,

Squeezes the fire at the core of the heart,
And now it is about to start.

Monday, October 22, 2012

On Mess

I thought that by now I would have permanently escaped mess. Escaping mess, I would have also escaped cleaning up. By now,  I thought, I would be able to start existing in earnest; in a pristine and well-oiled environment I could start the perpetual-motion machine which would define my adulthood as one of accomplished glory and efficiency. Now that I didn't have to deal with the mess my mother dealt with, I could write, carry on a clear-cut yet passionate relationship with my husband, excel in school, save scads of money, and finally, steadily begin to acquire gorgeous new possessions instead of haphazardly replacing the victims of breakdowns, wear, accidents.

Escaping mess was probably my penultimate childhood goal. My bedroom was as minutely arranged as a nativity scene on a mantel. Everything that didn't fit the schema was chucked outside the door. If something broke, I hated myself and threw it out. If I ate something too messy, too large, larger, crumblier than a carrot or an apple, I hated myself and threw it up. I panicked over the relentless advance of kipple, and drew my circle ever smaller. The dream of a poised and perfect stasis dies hard. However. 

By now I see that since I left home, started eating, and grew up, I have been actively courting mess. The mess of living with a partner. The mess of transplanting in the kitchen. The aphids in the pepper plant. The mess of house-training a cat. The mess that is academia. The disappointing grades. The mess of moving. The mess of a mortgage. The mess of our very own water pipes, leaking through the ceiling. The mess of hauling gravel around the yard. The mess of tools and sawdust in the livingroom. The mess of writing-anyway (with my terrible penmanship, feeling ugly, in spite of noise, without a speck of inspiration). The mess of oiling a bicycle. The mess I never admit is mine. The mess of relationships: coworkers, family, tenants. The apologies. The mess of homemade food. The mess and mud of a garden. The failed radishes. The mess in the laundry room after replacing the windows. The mess of learning how to do something. The knitting ripped back 6 times. The mess of publishing poems that make me cringe a little. The mess I try not to clean up so I won't drive Tim crazy. The mess of grinding a knife. 

The knitting that got ripped back six times. But look at it now! It's a poppy pod.

Though I am living and managing, though I am making things, fixing things, though I am doing well, everything I want is a bit of a mess. So strange, and a little sad, to realize it.

This turned into something a little more vague and moralizing than I had intended. I would be very interested to hear about your views on specific or general life-messiness, should you care to comment or send off an email.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Things are settling down and I have a new laptop. And 3 days off. (Really off. No classes, no shifts.) I've got a clogging cold, but I'm taking it slow. The biggest items on the agenda for today?
- drinking tea 
- drinking hot ginger
- drinking water
- reading 160 pages for rhetoric
- baking cookies to console us and the tenants
- finishing this sock:

I think I'm getting better at coping. 

Before all the robbery drama, I had been meaning to show you yet another two images of knotted red yarn. This is something I finished during post-Thanksgiving video games at Tim's parents' house this past weekend:

I promise that subsequent knitting projects will be in purple or green.

Have a beautiful weekend!

P.S. Tim, Alice, Kathy, Peter, Carolin, Jim, Elliot--if you're reading this, Thank you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yesterday, while I was at school, someone bashed in our back door, waltzed inside our house, and took my laptop. Luckily, Simpkin wasn't hurt. Luckily, they didn't take anything else. Luckily, they didn't sweep shelves off onto the floor or break all the eggs.

But it was the last thing I needed.  I lost photos, homework, writing, privacy. I can't function as a student without a laptop, so I'm going to buy a new one. (I can't afford it.) We need to fix the door, put deluxe locks on the garage.

But there has been help. Tim's parents waited 7 hours for the police to arrive. We bought hummus, grapes, bread, salt-and-vinegar chips for supper. Hugged the cat. Filled in a police report late at night. Watched British history in bed. This morning we cuddled, made tea, got dressed. My mum's going to give a ride to Memory Express. I think I can deal with today. Sometimes I am even more glad that I am not alone. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happiness is . . .

- Eskimo kissing a not-so-tiny grey kitten
- Handel's Messiah
- splurging on lovely, half-price skin care
- planning a pair of mittens
- emails
- filling a teacup with red and white Dutch licorice (Tim's family has converted me)
- cleaning out the purse/satchel
- an hour-long walk on during my lunch break
- workshopping the villanelle in poetry class this morning
- tidied finances
- the prospect of medieval history documentaries
- baking a loaf of caraway rye