Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not everything has to be easy to be good

Because I think Sunny is, as usual, spot-on with this post, I'd like to blog some of the seamy side of life here lately. (I'd like to own my shit.) I don't, however, just want to leave you with a list of failures and unpleasantness; I want to leave you with two lists: One list of failures and unpleasantness, one list of triumphs and pleasantness that has emerged from smack in the middle of an imperfectly-lived life.

Without further ado:

- the sink full of dishes
- the hamper full of dirty laundry
- walking into my rhetoric class yesterday and realizing that everyone else was gripping printed and stapled sheets of paper . . . I had no idea we had an essay due
- literally hundreds of fruit flies suddenly springing up out of the ether (um, tomatoes) and infesting the kitchen
- whining to Tim that I didn't want to attend my seminar; barely getting there
- eating bread and jam (and nothing else) three times in a day
- popping every single pimple on my face
- a kitten who still sometimes thinks the avocado plant is a litter box
- two ripped cardigans
- spending whole evenings browsing the internet, when I have 10 hours of homework to do
- Tegan and Sara's new single: sexy, but disappointing
- the backyard foot-deep in weeds
- a slightly sticky keyboard
- more fights since school started
- my bicycle lock lost
- a too-expensive trip to the vet, which took up the entire morning
- two weeks without fasting
- a sickly fig tree

- photographs taken anyway
- an A- on an assignment I almost didn't bother to hand in
- clearing skin from religious application of benzyl peroxide (sometimes the evening's most productive activity)
- tomatoes, cheese, pita bread, an apple, water for breakfast
- not-dreading work
- staying in class without panicking about the forgotten essay
- a brand-new avocado sprouting
- Italian hot chocolate and a walk across the high-level bridge with Ros, cooking pancakes together for supper
- arranging a knitterly trade with Cat
- showing Simpkin and the new issue of Room to my Dad
- 450 pages of reading caught up
- putting on lipstick anyway
- 10 poems written over the past couple of weeks
- a safely innoculated and mite-free Simpkin
- an almost toilet-trained Simpkin
- watching The Hunger Games instead of fighting for the rest of the evening
- loving two of my classes
- buying Tim a tiny apple pie
- bicycling five days a week


  1. In your capable hands everything is poetry. Adoring you!

  2. I didn't click on the "toilet-trained" link, but I can only hope it was the "It's a cat [meow] flushing a toilet" video.

    Things out here in the country are just as imperfect. I keep meaning to write about it but forget. I am in love with the changing colours here, and the sunny days and the presence of horses and coyotes and more shorebirds than I've ever seen all at once, but also I miss walking to Kabuki for sushi and going for impromptu beers and seeing friends all the time. Feeling close to everything. You're so lucky to be in school. I can't remember how to intelligently talk about things. I was good at it, before.

    Congratulations, also, on your poem in Room. Well done, friend!

  3. Also, who is teaching your poetry class?


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