Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Rose of Summer Tea

Ros and Grace, two of my little sisters, put on a tea party. Scones, cucumber sandwiches, Victoria sponge, lemon squares, lemonade, clotted cream. Coconut cream for my sister's sinuses and my mum's Orthodoxy. Black tea. Red plums in miniature. Roses and shortbread. Something about a fully laid table suggests fairies  before anyone sits down.

Reading our etiquette colouring books at ages 7 and 8, this is what Ros and I wanted to concoct. 

For your hours of work, blatant care and planning, genuine elegance and courtesy--well done, sissies. I was in awe.


  1. what civilised dainty sisters you have, they must get it from you, the sweat-peas and scones look especially good.

  2. Lovely, lovely, LOVELY! That must have been the quaintest and the charmingest of tea parties.


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