Sunday, September 30, 2012

I made a tiny thing

An experiment in moss stitch and a three-needle bind off. I realize this delightful knitted seam is not my original invention; but I did discover it on my own, and feel rather proud of it.

Homework is tyrannical. I mostly finished this at 1 o'clock this morning, after 16 hours fabricating a paper from scratch.

And how is your life? Is it tyrannical? Have you made any tiny things? A meal? A knitted tube? Do you feel behind? In addition to more (much, much more) homework, I have overdue replies to two cheering letters. I need some exercise. The dishes and laundry are still backed up, though I must try to get to them before the weekend is over. 


  1. I used to crochet phone covers (actually, we called them phone sweaters) for myself and all my friends! I even made Chuck a two-toned v-neck phone CARDIGAN with working buttons. Probably the silliest thing I've ever created.

    My life is okay. It feels complicated but probably it's very simple and I'm just angsty about it.

    I'm hosting a big family Thanksgiving next weekend and I'm scared. A thing as big as a turkey just feels foreboding.

  2. I cooked a turkey for two of my friends last Christmas--it was actually fine. I you will be fine. I plan to write you a letter. My poetry professor is Mark Smith.

  3. I plan to write you a letter as well. Just the other day I copied down your address from the blog!

    Now that I live in the country, I feel that I need to correspond more by mail. Like I'm living in some remote part of the world where the Internet doesn't exist or something? I don't know. But it feels pioneer-ish, which I like.

  4. What a lovely tiny thing it is too! I am quite smitten with the colour. Life is going along! I am trying my best to keep up... set myself some crazy goals by the end of the year on the writing/illustrating front, including a submission in a publication. Laundry is in order. Baby is sleeping (for now). Dishes need to be done, exercises too... but I'd rather be drawing! Lots of love to you....


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