Sunday, September 2, 2012

harvest (some bragging)

In an old-fashioned way, I can't help fawning over the not-unimpressive quantity of food I have harvested and preserved during the last month. We have:

yellow and green beans--cut in half, blanched, and frozen on a baking sheet rather than in a lump

crab apples from my Opa's trees--sauced and canned

rhubarb, raspberries, saskatoons, gooseberries--jammed and canned

tomatoes--sliced and dehydrated

chocolate mint--dried for tea

potatoes--washed, left to air for a day, boxed in a shallow layer

carrots and beets--scrubbed and filling both vegetable drawers in the fridge

Only the hot peppers, onions, and the unripened tomatoes are yet to bring in. Tim and I are debating the merits of dehydrating vs. pickling the peppers. (We don't have a peck, but we probably have a couple of litres.) Strong opinions on this?

ETA: I also jammed and canned some red plums over the weekend. Time to quit with this sort of thing and concentrate on scholarly pursuits.


  1. I am so impressed, really, those spuds look wonderful! Kudos to you and Tim, it is such a deeply satisfying feeling eating and preparing what you have helped grow. And why not pickle and dehydrate the peppers - they're just so useful in so many ways!

  2. Well done you two!

    I've been eating and eating, should be canning and bottling. But yum, so good!

    Do you guys have bakeapples/cloud berries up there? That's my hunted berry right now. The jam is divine....

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Em, I am planning to do both today.

    Dee, we sadly do not have bakeapples here (as far as I know). What are they like?


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