Saturday, September 22, 2012

Attention: I am ridiculously excited

To all readers here, whether you've made your presence known or not,

Would you like to knit and trade these delicious cowls with me?! The postal service is a marvelous thing . . .  
Photo copyright Marc Smollin

If yes, please send me a message! I would even be willing to arrange a swap, if more than two people are interested.


  1. I very much like the idea of a knitty swap, but these scare me with their intricacy!

  2. These are beautiful! Too bad I can't knit. I'll trade you for one or two of my scarves, though.

  3. Em - the intricacy scares me a bit too.

    Erika - We must do a trade. What would you like to trade for? I have to admit that I've been pining after those watercolour notebooks you made for Justina, though the necklaces are lovely as well . . .


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