Tuesday, August 14, 2012

at the moment

~ this woman and her hair

~ the avocado stem burst into leaf, from nothing

~ a tiny grey cat's been visiting and we leave milk out

~ the mosquito situation is apocalyptic 

~ I am working on the second sock

~ my newly cleaned-up music and documents folders are truly things to behold

~ a dead nest 

~ size six zips up again

~ the bush is the front yard has become a bird berry bush 

~ school approaches

~ I can finally grind my own knife

~ my hair is even shorter


  1. reading this is so soothing... the sight of your clever sock-making especially - I've always wanted to try making socks, but I get fearful. Also I love your hair.

  2. The goodness in everyday life! A simple, and truely good list of things!

  3. just returned to see these images again, they've been in my thoughts (as have you), so beautiful.


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