Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So. When was the last time I talked about my health? Ah yes, you're right. I've complained about it frequently over the past several months. I feel fat, I feel tired, and round and round we go.

More to the point, when was the last time I put in some sustained effort? Two summers ago I was discovering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for the first time, and I felt great. Although I'm a lot stronger than I was then, and make a small handful of "good choices" regularly and automatically, I have definitely stopped being as deliberate about eating, sleep, exercise, breathing . . .  My mood has suffered. I've become more difficult to live with. My self-esteem is at quite an ebb. And this post is as relevant as ever.

Throughout this recent era of slackery, I have managed to do some serious thinking. I've read some books, I've watched myself, and I've drawn some conclusions. Number one: I do know how to care for my body; it's just that ninety-percent of the time, I am unwilling to do what needs to be done. Not unable, but, for various reasons, unwilling.

So. What needs to be done? I will get rid of the passive. What do I need to do? Starting now?

~ Drink more water--between three and four litres in total every day.

~ Consume far less sugar. If I've learned anything about what my body wants, it's that it almost never wants sugar. I feel nauseous and lethargic every time.

~ Consume far less everything. I'm becoming convinced that my constant stomach aches are the result of too much food, and that even my most conservative portions over-estimate my hunger levels.

~ Stretch, do isometrics, breath deeply, walk quietly, use lavender lotion, smell the rain--in short, concentrate on all sorts of sensory pleasures.

~ Stop eating breakfast for lunch and supper. Stop eating bread at every meal. Substitute protein and vegetables.

~ Start blogging (again) about struggles, thoughts, progress. This journey is worth my considerable attention, and I suspect I need public accountability.


  1. You can drink four litres of water in a day? That's incredible. I used to force myself to drink one nalgene a day. I know I don't drink enough water, and I eat way too many carbs. Bread at every meal. And snack. And dream, practically.

    Last year I just accepted the fact that I had gained weight. I told myself, "well, this is what you look like." And now I look back at photos of myself (including our wedding photos) and I think, "why did I let that happen?" And I wish I didn't look like that.

    So I've been doing sit-ups, lately. And riding my horse with more concentration on fitness (both mine and his -- at one point in time we were both three-day eventers, which takes a surprising amount of physical strength and cardio stamina, and a large amount of training and work) instead of just plodding around on trail rides. And I keep trying to remember to stretch. Eric thinks we should take up running together. I'm very close to agreeing, but my natural hatred for running aimlessly has not quite subsided fully.

    I think you're very good at intentionality. You'll be just fine.

  2. You can do it! These strong intentions are an awesome first step!
    Keep thinking of the gratified body that will be the result of the practice of these intentions.
    I pray for you wisdom and good choices for your body and life!

  3. You can do it, Lizzie! Just remember that you'll always be gorgeous anyway.

  4. I love this post.
    With your sharing I feel empowered too...I am still fighting to be healthy in every way...But most days I fall short. Why? Because I let myself.

    Thank you Lizzie for reminding me it is up to me ~ completely.

    I need more water and less sugar too. Those two things could drastically improve my health {weight, metal health, etc.}.

    I hope you continue to share with us on this front...As well as your considerable creative talents...


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