Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm afraid the season has already turned. After our one allotted Canadian week of +30 degree temperatures, the days are already a wee bit shorter. The plants are in an obscene rush to put themselves out before time is up.

Tomato plants flop over the sides of their raised bed. Potato plants bloom floridly. Pea plants sprawl, fattening pods before they've done any climbing to speak of. The weeds stop spreading (quite so fast), and just quietly grow taller and taller. We're having a dour, stormy day. It's so dark inside the hobbit hole that I had to go outside this morning to try and photograph the experimental legwarmers. It was raining by 9 am, but luckily the structure that I've been cleverly calling "the laundry roof" protected the laundry.

The miserable-looking avocado plant to the right, the plant we've had for over two years, and started from seed before we were married, was broken (and possibly killed) by our tenants' friends.

Knitting the legwarmers, I've gained some valuable practice working on five needles in the round. When my sock yarn ("peaks ferry") arrives (tomorrow?), I will be ready to attempt a somewhat neat job. I've had several failed attempts at Making Things over the past couple of days--including one this morning. This afternoon I am ignoring everything but The Poetics of Translation. 

(I did have a piece of news that made various sad paper-sewing and -folding catastrophes seem less important: around 11 this morning I received an email from The White Wall Review*. They want to publish "Thirteenth House", a poem I wrote this past winter, in their Fall 2012 issue. So I will have two publications coming out within the next few months. I have to say I'm ridiculously pleased.)

*WWR published "Cat Wants" under the name Patrick Walker-Nelson in 2009. It was my first and only acceptance under a pseudonym. Nice that I've made it in again, under my own name.


  1. Wow congrats on that news! It would be absolutely awesome to get one's words published!

    I like your leg warmers very much, and wow it seems like summer in Canada doesn't have much lasting quality!

    I didn't find your appearance on my blog abrupt at all! In fact I really appreciate your kind words and that I have another reader!

    Hope you enjoy your day (even though it is dark and stormy!)

  2. YAY!
    Well done Lizzie...
    I am so happy for you and for them to have your words...
    Love the warmers...Sorry about your avocado plant, mine shrivelled and dies this spring after a wonderful three years. So strange how life can sometimes just give up...

    Be well!

  3. Congrats on the legwarmers and on the publishing opportunities! It's grand to keep growing and changing and reaching higher rungs on the ladder of success. You're doing it.

    My condolences for the avacado plant --I greatly hope she makes a recovery. She's a bit of an old friend; I can still remember your triumphant smiles above the tiny sprout curling from the cracked avacado pit. I'm trying not to think murderous thoughts concerning certain -cough- individuals.


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