Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the revelator

Another small revelation on the subject of eating:

Though I often tell myself I'm eating what my body wants, I feel sick approximately 75% of the time. Either hungry/weak/nauseous, or heavy/full/nauseous. I put off doing things I want to be doing (writing, making things, exercising), because I feel sick, almost every single night. I cannot concentrate.

This is really no way to go about things, and I am curious about what the changes will look like (for they must be discovered and made).


  1. I had the same problem for the majority of my life until I cut out most gluten. Problem solved. Give it a shot.

  2. I am having the same issues...
    I know, KNOW, that dairy must go...*I just don't feel it in my heart!* :(
    I will be writing sonnets full of angst and longing to cheese before long....

    What do you think is causing your discomfort?

    Time for a wipe clean? I have to do it but I LOVE to eat. Especially when the rest of life is kinda' shite.
    ah well...

    Wishing you wellness.

  3. I feel this way when I eat anything other than my mom's homecooked Indian food. I know thats because any "American" food I eat otherwise is 99% carbs. I've always felt the way you describe until I eat Indian food. And I know thats not the solution for you, because maybe you don't even like Indian (and Indian restaurant food is creamy and makes me feel sleepy and bloated) but just try to think back to when eating food made you feel energized and good and not bloated and sick. And you'll find your solution. Maybe. Hopefully. Hope you feel better!

  4. Well, a few days on I think I've isolated one factor, at least. I seem to be rather iron-deficient. Since we almost never buy meat, this is hardly surprising. I've doubled my iron supplement, and committed to cast iron pans, dark chocolate, molasses, and even more fruits and vegetables.


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