Friday, June 8, 2012


To Do:

- clean bathroom
- bike 15 km
- write
- make lemon curd
- clean inside of fridge
- turn soil for potatoes
- plant potatoes
- practice violin
- paint toenails
- make rhubarb jam
- make rhubarb pie
- dumbbells

As I announced last night, Tim and I have basically undertaken urban farming. On our way home from my Opa's acreage yesterday, we decided to dig over most of the weedy back lawn, and turn it into a field of potatoes (and spinach). We stopped at Canadian Tire, and I bought two boxes of gruesome-looking seed potatoes, a pair of work gloves, and three more sprightly tomato plants. There is a lot to be done today, because tomorrow and Sunday I'm wearing a black skirt and lace sweater, serving coffee and pastries here


  1. I have a thing for lists: they are like catnip for me.
    Is it wrong to encourage such 'to do'ish-ness??


  2. Lists keep me from going (any more) insane. Looks like you have some fun stuff to do!

    Hugs, Erika


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