Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's raining

and since our windows don't open, I've opened the doors. This morning, scuttling around outside, inspecting the garden and taking out trash, I also took some images: 

Here we have the rhubarb patch. My Opa split a couple of his plants for me last week, and we put them in beside the back gate. 

And these are the wax beans! 

A ghostly emergence.

I could not be happier to be hanging laundry to dry under the patio shelter's roof, roasting pygmy-sized eggplants for curry, writing, reading, drinking strong black tea. I feel snug enough to welcome the elements.

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  1. mmm Lizzir - that last photo is just incredible... new growths make me happy. we're outside everyday inspecting our garden. I wish we had some rhubarb growing; maybe when we know we'll be somewhere for at least a few years. Rhubarb makes me so joyful. And the idea of it coming from your Opa's garden is a beautiful thing.


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