Thursday, April 19, 2012

that's an odd expression

"When I get up in the morning, also a very unpleasant process, I jump out of bed thinking to myself: "You'll be back in a second," go to the window, take down the blackout, sniff at the crack of the window until I feel a bit of fresh air, and I'm awake. The bed is turned down as quickly as possible and then the temptation is removed. Do you know what Mummy calls this sort of thing? "The Art of Living"--that's an odd expression."

- The Diary of Anne Frank, 92


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  2. Gift for you, Lizzie: Etty Hillesum - An Interrupted life - the diaries. I have a copy I can lend you but it is likely in the U of A library :) - removed prior comment because (embarassingly) I misspelled "Lizzie". Lovely.

  3. I will search it out--thanks very much!


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