Monday, April 23, 2012

9 to 1

Come September:

English 205 - Traditions in English Rhetoric
English 240 - The Bible in Literature
English 294 - Introduction to Writing Poetry (I may regret this)
English 496 - Intersections: Theory/Culture (Prosody)
History 205 - Medieval Europe

Come January:

English 242 - Augustan Prose and Poetry
English 296 - Reading Creative Nonfiction
English 322 - Medieval Drama
English 365 - Early 20th Century British Novels
English 401 - Studies in Genres


  1. Ooooh! What an excellent timetable! I hope they are all taught as interestingly and imaginatively as the subjects deserve (and I hope you get a very good professor to teach that poetry introduction!)

  2. Nice. I miss school.

    I took a Rhetoric class once. I didn't enjoy it. Remember the paper I got 54% on? It was my first paper for that class. I think I ended the semester with an A-, though, which is more than I hoped for. I think you'll probably do great, though. It seems more up your alley than mine.

    The poetry writing class I took in school was really helpful to me. I don't think I wrote any great poems in that class, but it helped put me in the proper headspace to think about poetry. And there were so many great poems to read. The chance to be immersed in reading and writing poetry is something I miss.

    I also took a creative nonfiction course, which I enjoyed very much. The prof gave us so many amazing things to read.

    It'll be a good year; you'll see.


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