Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14

What if I am no good?

It seems more real a possibility than it did before.


  1. Lizzy.

    You once told me of your frustrations concerning all of the distinguished poetry magazines that publish the same shit over and over. This shit was mostly made up of not-very-poetic descriptions of girlfriends coming out of the shower. You were annoyed about how many there were. You were annoyed that they were so frequently published. You were annoyed because you knew you could write better.

    And you DO write better. Your poems are insightful. They are actually poetic. They do not describe Tim coming out of the shower. They are good.

    I'm perfectly serious, my dear friend. You and SP would have been pals. Keep writing.

  2. for what it counts, I savour your words like baked quinces.


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