Sunday, November 27, 2011

a book for Grace

My little sister Grace is a fantastic writer.

And though I feel a smidgen of guilt that the book I've made for her is possibly too pretty to want to mark up,

nothing else will quite do for her Christmas present.

I may have to buy her a practical Hilroy coil bound as well.

But sometimes surely everyone thrives under the pressure of potential and the blank white (peacock blue) page?

Merely agonizing over how to fill a notebook can be a creative exercise.


  1. That is beyond gorgeous. Did you make the cover too? I love coptic binding.

  2. Thank you! I did make the covers - they're manilla envelopes. The back one isn't sealed up, so loose pieces of paper can be stored in it.

    You leave for New Zealand very, very soon.

  3. I love this. You've just inspired me to try making one of these myself... maybe I'll gift it... or maybe I'll just keep it for myself. I DO need a new journal.

  4. What a wonderful gift, it is truly beautiful. The embroidery especially. I would like very much to try my hands at binding a book, though I'm a little scared.

  5. LIZZY this is beautiful, and while I will never be able to accomplish the level of your creativity, can you teach me how to bind a journal like this?!


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