Sunday, October 23, 2011

on the up and up

I finished Justina's sweater. I'll get her to model it soon. She looks beautiful.
I finished Godel, Escher, Bach - the most difficult book I've ever read.
I have submissions in at Grain Magazine, Room Magazine, and The Wascana Review. (I sent them the new poems.)
I made my Christmas cards this morning. They're the loveliest things. I'll show you this afternoon when flikr starts working.
I filed my dental insurance claim. You have no idea how long this has taken me.
I bought bacon, because this is the week I attempt Boston Baked Beans. You have no idea how long this has taken me.

Snow forecasted for Tuesday. I am not afraid.

And Tim gave me a cup warmer. A tiny burner he used to melt hide glue. I am no longer freezing my hands at my desk, and I am sure my poems will now improve. This is such a good way to live.


  1. I can't wait to see that finished sweater,
    that you are onto christmas cards is impressive,
    home made baked beans are wonderful on bagels,
    and you know what they say, warm hands make good poems

  2. i look forward to your posts. i like that you feel everything. and that youre happy.


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