Friday, June 10, 2011

just call me Oprah

Today, being kind to myself means:

sleeping in, tuckered out from our ongoing Star Wars marathon.

transplanting the peace lily, the leeks, basil, and oregano, and watering the peppers and tomatoes as soon as I get up.


running for ten minutes straight, then stopping before my shin pain escalates. I am not up for another three months of hobbling.

packing lentil curry and grapes to eat at work.

doing the laundry before I run out of clothes entirely.

listening to Great Big Sea

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  1. Hooray for the Star Wars marathon! I love the original three. Lana & I would often spontaneously marathon them over a few days, back before the recent three were out [we saw the last in theaters]. How are you enjoying them?

    [Also, I had the hugest crush on Han Solo when I was little! Indeed, I still have trouble watching Harrison Ford films because of it.]


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