Wednesday, April 6, 2011

when I am finished this paper I am going to

- clean the dirty pan in the oven
- paint my fingernails coral
- cut my bangs
- go for a run
- buy fabric and knitting needles (for a pillowcover and a sweater)
- write notes to my two favorite professors, because plans have changed for next fall, and I will be entering a venerable giant of a university
- make gnocchi with mushrooms
- make banana bread with chocolate chips
- go out for coffee to a new place, sit alone and write in my journal
- wash the sheets
- reply to letters
- post the first colour blog (blue), following Emily's charming example

But for now, to work.


  1. SELF BANG CUT!!!!!!

    You are the courageous-est.

  2. The U of A? Goodness...

    ...I don't think they'll be ready for this venerable pixie of a poet.

  3. Cleaning that dirty pan in the oven would be last on my list. YOU put it first which tells me you have pure lioness courage. And I think you look fabulous dear Lizzie.


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