Sunday, April 3, 2011

an update

Damn this week. I don't know if I lost two pounds, because I've been scared to weigh myself. However, I am very pleased to report that I ran three times, took four or five bicycle trips, and relished the sight of the bare roads and sidewalks, all newly cracked and heaving, but dry. I made granola, and chicken stock from scratch, packed food for work and school, used my hula hoop and dumb bells, and pounded out 20 minutes straight on my aunt's treadmill. Can I also say that Tim gets puffed keeping up with me?

Goals for this week:

- plan meals
- refrain from eating after 7pm
- run four times

. . . and this is what I looked like, two weeks ago in jeans. Progress?


  1. Sometimes...I think...being filled with gladness burns more calories...

    You look svelte, sister!

  2. You look wonderful.
    The perfect machine to do what you want with. Dress it up or down. Run or Laze. Dance or kneel...
    Enjoy it to it's fullest! Don't forget to praise it too...

  3. Plume, I couldn't agree more.

    Andrea. What a reminder. Thank you.

    Both you ladies are very kind. Complements coming from beauties like yourselves are very welcome indeed.

  4. It's insane what a little determination can do. You look fantastic.

  5. Thank you my friend. I am trying.

  6. yellow looks wonderful on you my dear... and your journey has been, and is - so inspiring, so human to me.

    p.s. and I am so in awe of your running ability, the thought of doing it myself frightens me.

  7. Thank you, but I think it looks even better on you.

    The thought of myself doing it frightens me too. But it is so fun and exhilarating.


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