Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a recap

... remember these?

- practice writing whenever and wherever I can (some of these goals are too vague. however, I think I can tentatively check this one.)
- run often, so that I can begin to call myself a runner (as above.)
- lose 9 pounds (nope. it's ok though.)
- find a pleasant job (check!)
- go for a tattoo consultation (not yet. I have yet to decide what I want.)
- brush my teeth more regularly (since I can't have braces yet) (check?)
- continue to grow out my hair (check!)
- take more photographs (...)
- publish Tom-Tom #8 (not yet. it will come. it will come.)
- drink "copious amounts of tea" (check.)
- achieve a 4.0 in my fourth semester (nope. I wrote poems instead.)
- register for a 5k (check!)
- employ a knitting pattern (check!)
- fill two notebooks (one.)
- read 15 non-school books (six.)
- listen to Beethoven's symphonies (now on No. 7.)
- have friends over more often (check!)
- court new friends (check!)
- write with integrity--even for school (check.)
- submit new poems to new magazines (not yet. I have a list though.)
- spend time alone (check.)
- get to know Tim better (check.)
- reduce debt to 500 dollars (how about 0 dollars?)
- become more mindful about shopping (check...)
- start over in the morning (check...)
- take care of my skin (check.)
- dress up more (check.)
- take my vitamins (check!)
- work to become physically stronger (check!)


  1. publish!Publish!Publish!!


    Sorry to be pushy ;) Lovely list, lady.


  2. Lovely list.

    My favourite was 'start over in the morning'.

    For everyday is such a gift. And so brand new.


  3. It's lovely to make lists, and complete them. This one is truly grand. Enjoy Beethoven's 7th![It expresses perfectly the freedom of living without fear.]


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