Thursday, January 20, 2011


These past few days, my aim in life has been simply to keep my rosemary bush alive. After the pepper plant gave up the ghost, in a sudden, petulant fit of decay, it seemed more important than ever. To allow a living thing to fail is a particular and horrible brand of personal defect.

I can't stand it.

Up in the middle of the night reading about horticulture, anxiously inspecting the spreading brown patches, but the rosemary bush looks worse. All my efforts have been in vain, and I hate to see the stark evidence.

I want to know how to keep something alive, when it wants to die.


  1. Never succeeded with rosemary. More than one has been buried in compost.
    I feel your pain. I am nursing a lavender right now...

  2. If I remember right rosemary likes to have its feet wet and letting the roots dry out is the death of it!

    kathleen xx

  3. Oh, honey.... please be gentle with yourself. This post makes me worry that you might be mentally flogging yourself for something mostly out of your control.

    I was 31 before I successfully kept any plant alive.

    I started with a Pothos plant: try one. It will raise your spirits. Water twice a week, if that, and watch it trail around your room.

    I have a garden of small succulents and a variety of ferns.

    Hang in there.


  4. Phone in to Ontario Today and ask Ed Lawrence - he's a gardening genius! Alternatively, check out his book, even if only to browse in-store for rosemary tips:

  5. Allison, you are a wise lady. Thank you for your much-needed words.


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