Friday, January 7, 2011

On the subject of progress: an update

I'm down to 149 pounds (a 15-pound loss since August) and have started doing a little bit of weight training. Now that Christmas is over, I plan to start posting weekly updates again, starting next Saturday. It's good to be back to a routine. The main struggles lately have been getting enough cardio (it's all -20 C, ice and blowing snow in Edmonton) and making myself come up with new healthy meals and recipes. Over the next week I would like to:

- drink unadulterated leaf tea
- haul out the dumbbells two or three times
- work on my full push-ups
- hula hoop
- continue walking home from school
- climb 50 flights of stairs two or three times
- concoct interesting food
- blog about my efforts
- take my vitamins
- try a green monster


  1. Congrats on your progress so far you are doing great!
    Vitamins for me was huge because it gave me the energy I needed. Vitamin D and C.

    Kathleen xx

  2. Sounds great...
    I am interested in hearing about your efforts.
    I love green monsters.
    Good luck Lizzie!

  3. I'm glad that you are going well and that you are so motivated. I can't imagine that much snow since I live in Australia and it's now summer and hot. I wish it were winter here because it doesn't get that cold [although I do feel it]. Good luck with it all and hope you continue to do so well at it.


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