Wednesday, January 12, 2011

in no particular order, this is where we live


  1. What a grand tour! I love your apartment. I also love your couch... I'm excited to help break it in, guest-wise.

    I applaud the appearance of the aloe vera plant.

  2. Lovely home. So nice and clean, I take it you have no children running a muck!

  3. Thank you both!

    Laura, the couch is just waiting for you to jump on it.

    Linda, no, there aren't any kids. I'm only 19, and infertile to boot.

  4. Not a student pad at all! Lovely and bright and clean with a gorgeous couch! I was much older than you before I had real furniture! ;)
    I sent a wee thing to you today. Hope it finds you inspired!

  5. Andrea,

    Ha, thank you so much! I put so many hours into rearranging and scrubbing the week after New Year, and all with the hope that it would be "lovely and bright and clean" when I was finished.

    The couch, real as it is, only cost 160 dollars second-hand. Don't breathe a word.

  6. You have a very serene home. I love the multitude of plants.

  7. I second Glynis on your multitude of plants, it gives your home a lovely earthy, 19th century greenhouse, library feeling. Bright and inviting... I'd like to visit now.

  8. Thank you both! The plants are mainly Tim's idea, but I have grown to love them as well.

  9. Not only do I love your apartment I also adore your picture taking abilities, I do wish mine were as glorious as yours are.


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