Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Winter Goals

- practice writing whenever and wherever I can
- run often, so that I can begin to call myself a runner
- lose 9 pounds
- find a pleasant job
- go for a tattoo consultation
- brush my teeth more regularly (since I can't have braces yet)
- continue to grow out my hair
- take more photographs
- publish Tom-Tom #8
- drink "copious amounts of tea"
- achieve a 4.0 in my fourth semester
- register for a 5k
- employ a knitting pattern
- fill two notebooks
- read 15 non-school books
- listen to Beethoven's symphonies
- have friends over more often
- court new friends
- write with integrity--even for school
- submit new poems to new magazines
- spend time alone
- get to know Tim better
- reduce debt to 500 dollars
- become more mindful about shopping
- start over in the morning
- take care of my skin
- dress up more
- take my vitamins
- work to become physically stronger


  1. "Start over in the morning"... best. idea. ever.

  2. Yes, I think it's the only way to keep myself from giving up.

  3. I have loved starting over. I really felt like before the new year rolled round that I put all the crappy stuff about 2010 behind me. It felt so good to come into 2011 free of all that stuff. I think your goals are great. It's good to have manageable ones isn't it. I hope you manage to fulfill them or at least a good portion of them :-)

  4. I love your goals. :)
    thanks for sharing them!

  5. Tattoo! Tom-Tom! Tea! Yes yes yes!

  6. Love the goals. You will do fantastic!

  7. drink copious amounts of tea - amen! love to you friend xx

  8. Love this list Lizzie!
    I'll have to steal a few...
    I am hoping to "clear out all that does not serve me" {based on something Allison ~ Sunny Rising Leather said in one of her posts}
    I hope 2011 is a wonderful year full of creativity, success and happiness!

  9. Oh!
    I recognize the bird...Thank you so much! I love it. And received it on my birthday to boot!


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