Thursday, December 16, 2010

My little spruce tree died

It's a long story. I think it had been dying for months. I was in denial.

To cheer me up, Tim took me to buy a rosemary bush.

I've decided that now is the appropriate time to begin setting up goals and routines for the new year and semester. I'm finished all but one of my exams. Tomorrow I will stay quiet, and think.


  1. mmm stay quiet and think, I am looking forward to finally doing that next week... december 27th to be sure.

    and I love your little rosemary bush, how you've spruced it up with lights... I like a tree that you can utilize for baking sweet potato too!

  2. I kill Rosemary. Every time. I've had three. They go frosty white and wither...A little old lady. And they die. Nothing but the bones...

    My advice...
    Do not water much.
    Do not love Rosemary too much...



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