Friday, December 31, 2010

journal excerpt, December 31, 2010

New Year is important to me, but, like I said, the new year starts on Christmas Day in the afternoon. And I made several almost arbitrary beginnings at various points during 2010. What may or may not have been a wedding was nevertheless the beginning of an entirely different way of living: no longer alone and no longer a child. In August I bought a pair of running shoes and stopped drinking grape pop with sherry. In September I started my third semester of university determined to do well. In December I began building some sort of new attitude: I had friends over for supper and went willingly to work. On this last day, I still don't know how to make Tim happy. I am 15 pounds smaller, and I can run 2 km. There are 4 new A- marks on my transcript. I'm proud of them. They cost me. I am still broke, but I am well on my way to getting out of debt. A year is such a messy thing. Can anyone have a whole "good year"? I'm tempted to claim that I've had a whole "bad year", but it's not the right term. I'm ready for another start-over. I won't forget 2010, but I will try to build on it, and bury it a little.

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  1. I agree with moving forward and not forgettingt about 2010 but burying it a little sounds like a good idea to me. I had an awful 2010 for the most part, though some awesome things happened, like getting married and finding a permanent job. Pretty much the rest of the time I was really crappy and I ended up in hospital five times. Three times in the last two months that lasted for seven weeks all up. I hope you have an awesome 2011 and that you gain all that you wish for and don't forget to be kind to yourself.


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