Saturday, November 6, 2010

an update

Last week was weird.

I exercised for 4.5 hours. I ate the same way I've been eating since September. I ran for 0.75 km straight (not a long distance, but almost four times as far as I could run a year ago). I assessed my jump rope skills (I can do 60 jumps in a row). My weight stayed at 154 pounds.

But nothing I did (save one 2 km run) really felt like a workout. I felt full and heavy all the time. I felt ugly.

Clearly, I am getting used to a lighter and fitter body. I need slightly less food, and slightly more intensive exercise. I need to remember that I am in this to feel better, and if my body isn't happy, I need to do something about it.

This is what I want to do:

- 15 push-ups in a row
- 100 jumps in a row
- 5 runs


  1. Hey Lizzy...
    Missing your posts! Are you okay?
    Hope things are so good and busy...

  2. Andrea -

    It is good to be missed. I am ok. I am gathering myself. I hope to be back soon.

  3. I have missed you too.

    And I hope you are being good to thine self in the gathering.

    Your very presence in this world makes me glad, I am so glad to know you.

    We will make it through the seasons!


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