Sunday, October 3, 2010

give away, away, away

I miss my trips to the post office. I'm sure one of you people out there could use some mail. I am just itching to give this little number away.

Comments will be open until Wednesday at 12 am. Tell me why you want it (if you want it), and which poet it will reside beside on your bedside table.

EDIT: This isn't a first-come, first-served deal! (Although I will delighted to send the poems to Sunny if she wins.) Comment! Be clever!


  1. Ooooh, me me!!!

    Ahem: I would like to have it because surely your poetry must be lovely: I adore both birds and September!!!

    It will reside beside Susan Goin's cookbook, which seems to be poetry with those recipes - obviously I need more poems -
    Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost are in the living room, though :) Thank goodness :)

  2. I want it because your poetry, hand stitching and hand printing are all lovely things.

    It would reside sometimes beside David and sometimes beside Walt Whitman and sometimes beside Robert Frost and some other times beside collections of several poets.

  3. I desire this darling little book because it's filled with darling little poems etched in a darling print by your hand, darling.

    I believe it would fit nicely between my Edgar Allen Poe and The Brothers Grimm; though on some days it might find itself beneath William Blake or on top of Plato's Four Dialogues.

  4. it is made in your hands, with head-thoughts, heartily. I love that.

    It would tuck into the sole shelf on my bedside table with my own squiggly sonnets, alongside at present; larkin, hopkins and helen gardner's metaphysicals.

    and I sent off your wee teapot and your wedding present (finally!) friday last xx


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