Tuesday, September 28, 2010

an update

This one is late because last night I tried to read A Clockwork Orange in one sitting. I was supposed to read it, and write a response paper to turn in before my Tuesday 12:30 class. This morning, I wrote the response. I based it on the 50 pages I actually got through. (Lucky: I've read the novel before, and I've seen the movie. My grade is probably not doomed.)

Anyway. This week, yet again, I did not lose any weight. I'm a little confused by this, since I have been eating really well and continue to up my level of exercise. I do, though, notice brand-new muscles in my legs and torso. My energy level begins to astound me. I look thinner and feel calmer and sleep better. So, despite the unmovable scale, I do not want to quit. It's actually quite the revelation. My previous methods of weight loss (which did not involve exercise) usually caused me to feel horrible. And once I stopped losing a pound a day, I gave up - it wasn't worth the listlessness and constant hunger. I am sure I will begin losing weight again, but for now I am thrilled to see that I am getting stronger. There has been enough of a change in my body that I feel justified in suggesting that I am gaining muscle mass quickly enough to make the fat I'm losing inconsequential to the scale.

This week: I ran 2.2 kilometers (instead of 1.5) in preparation to attempt the 4 km to the high-level bridge, I hooped for about six minutes straight, I used my jump rope, I weighed my sugar, I biked to school, I biked and ran both over the course of one day, I resisted date squares and rhubarb crisp and pound cake and ice cream that I was not hungry for, I ran outside during the day, and I made salad dressing for the first time.

When Tim tells me how good I look, how proud he is of how hard I'm working, I float right up to the ceiling like that skinny Mary Poppins...

It's been a good week, but I am frustrated by the '158' that keeps showing up every time I weigh myself. This week, I would like to lose a pound. And run five times.(And fix myself up in the mornings. And take my vitamins.)

When I get to 150 pounds, I am going to buy some ridiculous, glorious Oscar de la Renta perfume. Just so y'all know.


  1. This is excellent, Lizzy! I'm very happy for you. Being active and eating better is absolutely glorious; it's great that you're being so diligent about it. That's the way to go, girl! Keep up the good work!

  2. Aw, thanks. It's so very, very nice to hear that from you, Laura of the abs.

  3. This is superb.

    By February I should be at my goal of 160 pounds. I will buy myself a ridiculous and wonderful birthday present.


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