Tuesday, September 14, 2010

an update:

My new Punk Rope!

I know I am supposed to post these updates on Mondays, but this week, my first back at uni, was pretty gross. I felt so unaccomplished yesterday that I decided to allow myself an extra day before summarizing the week. Today I feel wonderful, but I have realized that I had too many goals I thought I had to be working towards last week. Consequently, I was overwhelmed, especially when I allowed myself to think about the pile of homework I had already been assigned. From now on, I want to limit myself to two goals per week.

Still, I lost one pound. I ran in place for much, much longer than I ever have, than I thought I could. I found that hooping was suddenly fun. I biked to school twice, something I thought I would never feel collected-enough in the morning to do. I had one panic attack, rather than ten (really, I am astounded that I continue to function without any medication. I am calmer than I have been in over a year). I rode the bus to buy groceries, a trip which would have put me over the edge a few months ago. I brought nuts and apples with me to school. My jump rope arrived, and I tried it out.


(see last week's post)

I did lose one pound. Only one, but that is alright.
I did hoop for three minutes straight.
I did take my vitamins every day.
I did take care of my emotions.

I did not run all the way around the block without stopping, but I did it with one stop in the middle of about twenty seconds.
I did not clock five hours of activity, but I came darn close.

This week I would like to do five push-ups in a row, and lose another pound.


Weight: 158 pounds (down one pound)
Time I can run in place: 6 minutes (up two minutes)
Distance I can run: .25 km
Number of push-ups I can do in a row: 4
Time I can hoop: 3 minutes
Total activity: 4.5 hours


  1. When you hoop do you spin with it? I find sustained spinning puts me in a great head space.

  2. I haven't been spinning (actually, it's taken me this long just to learn to keep the hoop up), but that does sound incredibly relaxing.

  3. Thank You for taking care of your emotions
    as we all chare emotions! and
    Thank You for Your kind words at my place!
    made my day :)

  4. I confess.. I am in love with your skipping rope Lizzy.

  5. It was only 8 dollars - and I do believe they ship to Australia. I bought it from


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