Monday, August 23, 2010

A plan for strength, for sanity

As I think I make quite, quite obvious, I would like to be skinnier.

I would like to be stronger, saner, more energetic.

Since January I have concentrated (sometimes more effectively, sometimes less) on eating well and exercising, but I have decided that it is time for some accountability. As much as a part of me cringes at using this blog as a medium for it, I do think that my health is crucial to my happiness and creativity, so I will be devoting one post a week (on Mondays) to updates on a plan:

I plan to eat normally. I do not want to waste time and energy worrying about calorie counts. I do not want to start eating fat-free yogurt when there is Liberte yogurt in my fridge. I do not want to feel trapped or deprived. What I want to do is pay very careful attention to what I eat. What I want. How much I am hungry for. Whether my body needs protein, or carbohydrates, or just water. What I will truly enjoy - while I am eating it, and afterwards. What will make me feel best.

I plan to weigh myself only once a week. Weighing myself every morning seems to discourage real progress, since the small gains and losses are so arbitrary on a day-to-day basis. I want to concentrate on how I feel, the way my clothes fit, and what I see when I look in the mirror.

I plan to try to find ways to exercise every day, whether by biking, running, hula-hooping, climbing stairs at school, swimming, or walking.

I plan to start going to a tanning salon for a few minutes every week or two, since the light is getting shorter, and I am soon to feel the effects of seasonal depression.

I plan not to beat myself up over this plan.

So, in order to see progress, here are the current stats:

Weight: 164 pounds
Jeans size: 10 (at Superstore, where I do a lot of clothes shopping)
Time I'm able to run without stopping: 4 minutes
Number of push-ups I can do in a row: 3
Average bike trip: 8 km
Activity over the past week: approx. 3 hours

And what progress would I like to see? What would I like to do?

Short term:

Feel comfortable enough to run outside, in public
Do FIVE push-ups in a row
Bike to school (about 10 km round trip, with more hills)
Buy a jump rope

Long term:

Learn some hula hoop tricks
Use the pool/weight room at MacEwan
Buy a bikini
Run my usual 8 km bike route
Get a tattoo
Do a cartwheel


  1. Oh Lizzy,
    I love how candid you are in your lists and goals - and I wish you great courage to see them through -

    I too would like to be stronger and more energetic.

    in the short term I would like to;
    -persevere in getting up early on week mornings so I can go for a walk or do yoga before I get ready for work,
    it always makes my back feel better,
    and the fresh air is such a pleasant way to wake up -
    -stretch a lot more throughout the day
    -practice good posture at work and at home and just generally
    -listen and speak some arabic every day
    -cook with legumes a lot more

    and in the long term I would like to;
    -have flexible hamstrings and a strong lower back and shoulders
    -go on a long bush walk
    -shave my hair off
    -bake my own bread every week

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  3. I really really approve of this post, Lizzy. Not even just the plan itself, but the determination I see behind it. I wish you the best of luck! Being active not only helps the body, but the mind. There is nothing better than that healthy feeling!

    I've actually been quite rueful over my current crammed schedule stealing my once wonderous swimming physique, so I figure I should strive to get back at it before I become a useless blob like before. But school and a possible job is pending! My short term goals in this busy time is to:

    -Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier
    -Do ab-circuits every morning
    -Do 1o push ups a day
    -Bridge hold daily [30 sec]
    -Eat less and healthier [I'm currently a hog when it comes to food]

    Long term:
    -Go swimming 3 times a week [min]
    -Do 20 push ups a day
    -Bridge hold daily [1 min]
    -Improve my running skills
    -Work out at Servus Place
    -Stretch my ears
    -Get good marks in school
    -Instruct swimming courses
    -Make my own clothes

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  5. Emily, thought I cannot imagine you without lovely posture, I do wish you the very best of luck.

    You are much braver than I to consider shaving your head.

    Laura, you have actually never been a useless blob. Though I agree: who would want to give up abs once they had them?

    How big do you want to stretch your ears??? Perhaps we should go to a piercing/tattoo studio together later this year or next.

    Thank you both for your sweet, encouraging words.

  6. hehe when you said stretch your ears Laura, I immediately thought of listening to things you wouldn't normally listen to... but if you did you would find it very challenging and fascinating.

  7. Lizzy,

    It's great of you to want to nourish your body while you lose weight, rather than take the negative route of counting calories and daily weigh-ins. It takes a strong person to avoid the dark lure of destructive dieting.

    Also, do you have the Joe Fresh line at your Superstore? I find their clothes fantastic.

    P.S. What would you like to get a tattoo of?

  8. Haha, yes I plan on stretching them physically [but not to the point that I look like some African tribal] but perhaps stretching them musically wouldn't be such a bad idea as well. I think it would indeed be challenging as well as rewarding.

    Lizzy, we definitely should. I'd like to pierce them with a thicker metal to begin with, so I have a head start [I'd also be happy to accompany you through the tattooing ordeal with all it's weird artists and their inky needles.]

  9. Carrie - Thank you! I'm trying. I suppose I've already tried the destructive route, and that makes the healthy alternative more appealing.

    We do have Joe Fresh. It's fantastic!

    I have several tattoo ideas. I'd like a tree on my shoulder blade and a magpie on my ankle.

  10. I like those ideas a lot! I don't think you'll regret them.

  11. Blake has a magpie tattoo. He got it for me and it's singing my name. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to think about it. I am getting a magpie wing feather to match it.

    If you want to learn hooping tricks, I am always looking for a practice buddy and I know quite a few tricks.

  12. Kaylin - I would love to learn some tricks from you!


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