Sunday, July 18, 2010


My hair, and my finger. I have five stitches.


  1. OUCH!!!

    When I worked at second cup my boss there cut off the tip of his finger with an exacto while opening a box. He panicked, the staff panicked, the regulars panicked. I saved the day by stopping the bleeding and taking him to the medicentre. I never got a raise over $8 though.

  2. I know this will sound strange, but I find beauty in that image... as I always have with Sylvia's Cut - the delicacy of our finger tips and those small stitches. I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

    And I love your hair (I have cut my short too; and to think we were probably doing it around the same time)

  3. Kaylin: At least now you're making more money than him. What a jerk.

    Emily: I like the way my finger looks as well - hurt so violently, but already growing back together. I can't wait to see your hair! Were you inspired by Umber as well?


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