Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today I want to

- finally read these archives

- finish Consciousness Explained, by Daniel Dennet, with a notebook beside me

- ride my bicycle down the long slope to the high level bridge, and maybe today, all the way back
up again

- photograph my sights of the city (to show you tomorrow)

- transplant the tomatoes to bigger, more comfortable pots

- write several pages with a very free hand, crossing out nothing and revising nothing

- haul out The Crow Suits manuscript

- mail off: a letter to Laura, a submission to The Atlantic

- hula hoop for a bit

Tim's leaving me the apartment for the afternoon. It's good to have someone who understands a sudden need for solitude. He's promised to bring me back an iron. A private vow to become a better seamstress is all very well and good, but without an iron, who am I kidding? Besides, on Tuesday Laura brought over a pattern for a summer dress.


  1. Oh Lizzy, you're looking lovely in the sun's shine. After a long long week at my new work (in the thick of the public service for the department of immigration!) it brings me calm and comfort to read your words. I am intrigued by this Crow Suits manuscript, and am so looking forward to seeing some photos of your neck of the woods... bless you and Mr Tim this weekend x

  2. Thank you Emily!

    Your job sounds intriguing. Are you getting to meet a lot of new immigrants? The Crow Suits story (well, one version of it) was published in a bright green zine. Did I send that one to you? If I neglected it, I can pop a copy in the mail. I want to work on it as much as I can this summer, since it's really my first short story, and I think the idea is good, but the execution could be made better. Also, your scarf is en route - let me know when you get it, although the post office warned me it could take up to six weeks!


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