Monday, June 7, 2010

the route

I beat the hill that's beaten me every ride I've ridden since the beginning of last summer. To my own surprise, I'm getting stronger.


  1. The breaking down of muscles and the conquering of hills [and swimming pools] is the most gorgeous feeling in the world! I'm very glad you're experiencing it for yourself. Bicycles are so good at training legs. And don't you agree that the best things are usually the hardest ones?

    You take the loveliest of pictures.

  2. It is a gorgeous feeling. I am so much healthier and happier now that I'm exercising most days. And Tim told me this morning (with an appreciative, proud look in his eyes) that I was getting thinner.

    The best things are always the hardest ones. Like writing poems and stories. Like biking hills. Like reading science. Like making money.

    Thank you. I'm enjoying having a camera.


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