Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4

I couldn't resist modelling Emily's scarf.

The day began terribly:

- I slept in and had nightmares

- it snowed

- the streets, and my boots, became swamps of slush

- I got an email gently informing me that another girl got the chocolate job

- my laundry piled up.

However, not wanting to cave under the gloom, I've made a list of up-sides:

- the reason I didn't get the job was not one of a bad impression or insufficient qualification, it was only my student's availability

- my house is warm and bright, and by now, almost clean

- there is yellow pea soup to eat later (and there's already been a fresh mango)

- Emily's scarf is finished, and ready for shipping

- Jillian will still get her Omega Lime

- Laura is coming over tonight, to plant basil and watch Blade Runner

- I have a new journal

- most of the watermelon sprouts are still alive and kicking

- I am skinnier, and healthier, than I have been in months


  1. Too bad about the job. Good work on the up-sides list.

    EPL is hiring

  2. Thanks a lot! I applied for both the page jobs.

  3. To my sweet and healthy friend; it is always a pleasure to hear all of the things you up to; planting and watching and writing.

    Darn other girl who got the chocolate shop! she probably doesn't even like chocolate... still, I'm sure something even better will come up.

    And that scarf looks sexy on you Lizzy. I can't wait to feel it in my hands!


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