Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nuptial Tea

We went to Calgary yesterday for Tim's brother's [Ben From Calgary's] latte art competition. We stopped by The Naked Leaf on the way, to buy tea for our wedding. There will be Apricot Black, Milky Oolong, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Mint Black tea. I labeled them with threatening messages, so no one at Tim's house will dip in to the leaves before May 15.

Ben wants to make roasted lamb and polenta for a wedding supper, Ros wants to make pistachio and rosewater pastries, my aunt wants to buy loads of flowers, Laura wants to clean house, Kaylin wants to lend me a dress, Rob from English wants to cater, Tara wants to take pictures, my parents want to give us money, and Tim's parents want to pay for his suit.

Everyone I know is wedding and breeding. No breeding for me, thanks, but wedding is alright.


  1. Forgive me if, by some slip of moral, I happen to get tea-drunk between loud declarations of my most sincere congratulations on the night of your little reception. Your purchases sound like they smell delicious.

  2. That tea sounds fantastic.. and so do your nuptial plans. With your loved ones helping in practical and whimsical ways. Just as weddings should be. If I was there I would volunteer papery and cotton decorations, teapots, and a spoons solo.

  3. That sounds wonderful! I wish you could be here! I am planning to order a print from your etsy shop, to hang in our new apartment.


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