Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10

Today is the first day of my twentieth year. I'm engaged to be married, and nearly two semesters in to my bachelor's degree. But "I am a genius and I have work to do" (W. D. Hamilton):

Reading on

- computing
- logic
- electronics and electricity
- Dr. Seuss
- evolutionary biology
- Latin
- linguistics
- butterflies
- woodworking
- sewing
- cosmology


- seriously
- every day
- poems
- short stories
- blog and journal entries
- ideas


- woodworking
- sewing
- writing
- drawing
- violin
- bass
- running
- growing things
- submitting work
- saving money


  1. You're a woman of so many fascinating interests and talents Lizzy... I would very much like to sit down with you one afternoon and talk, recite and make things.

  2. Likewise my friend! Tim and I have been talking about moving to Australia, and I keep joking my sole motivation is to meet Emily! I'm glad you found the new blog. I could have sworn I left a comment to tell you I'd moved, but I guess not. Sorry!


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